Group meeting

Each week during term time - irregularly also outside terms - we have a group meeting on Thursdays from 12:15 to 13:45 in the meeting room (203) at Plattenstrasse 54. During this meeting we eat our self-provided lunch and discuss the latest news relevant for our lab and our research. This is followed by a short presentation by one of the group members on a topic of his/her choice. Such a presentation can be the discussion of a interesting paper or the demonstration of own research results. Sometimes we also invite guest speakers.

Everybody who is interested in our phonetics group is welcome!

If you wish to receive regular updates about the group meeting and our activities please sign up to our newsletter (write a mail with the subject "add me to the Phonetics Group list" to Sandra Schwab)

In the autumn term 2016 we have the following presentations:

23.02.2017: Eugenia San Segundo
Perceptual, spectral and prosodic correlates of vocal tract tension

02.03.2017: Sandra Schwab
The effect of craving on voice quality

09.03.2017: Homa Asadi and Volker Dellwo

Forensic phonetics

16.03.2017: No lab meeting

23.03.2017: Lei He

Intensity measures challenged!

30.03.2017: Thayabaran Kathiresan


06.04.2017: Hanna Ruch

Acoustic measures and dialect recognition

13.04.2017: No lab meeting (pre-Easter)

20.04.2017:  No lab meeting (Easter Holiday)

27.04.2017: Urban Zihlmann


04.05.2017: Elisa Pellegrino / Laura Canedo

Acquisition of prosody in L2 / Syllabification and speech rate

11.05.2017: Montse Marquina

A phonetic-acoustic study of inter- and intra-speaker variation in Catalan-Spanish bilingual speakers

18.05.2017: Stephan Schmid


25.05.2017: No lab meeting (Auffahrt)

01.06.2017: Yshai Kalmanovitch