Dr. Ingrid Hove


Introductory lectures to phonetics and phonology

Phonetic seminars for students of general linguistics, German linguistics and comparative linguistics

Cross-lingual phonetic seminars (“Phonetische Arbeitskreise”) for students of all linguistic disciplines

Research interests

Phonetics and phonology

Dialects and varieties of standard German in Switzerland

Forensic phonetics

Speaker identification

Further acitivities

Lecturer at the Universities of Lausanne and Fribourg

Services in the field of forensic phonetics: http://www.phonetiklabor.ch


1987- 1993 Studies: German and English linguistics and literature at the universities of Fribourg (CH) and Berlin

1993 Licentiate; Faculty Award of the University of Fribourg for the best licentiate

1999 PhD in German linguistics

2013 Aston University Diploma in Forensic Linguistics


Since 2001: Lecturer in linguistics:

  • at the Phonetics Laboratory of the Department of Comparative Linguistics of the University of Zurich
  • at the University of Lausanne • at the Institut of Special Education at the University of Fribourg (CH)
  • at the University of Applied Sciences of Special Needs Education in Zurich
  • at the Teacher Training College in Bern

Since 2002: Participation in the following research projects funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation:

  • “Sprache und Verwandtschaft” (Prof. H. Christen, Freiburg/CH)
  • “Erarbeitung von Grundlagen zur Erforschung schweizerdeutscher Prosodie mittels sprachsynthetischer Modellierung” (Prof. E. Keller, Lausanne, and Prof. I. Werlen, Bern)
  • “Gesprochene Standardsprache im Deutschschweizer Alltag” (Prof. H. Christen, Freiburg/CH) (Link)
  • “Swiss Voice App” (Dr. A. Leemann, Zurich) (Link)
  • “Ländere” (Prof. H. Christen, Freiburg/CH) (Link)

2008-2012 Research associate at the office for evaluation and quality assurance of the University of Fribourg

1993-2002 Assistant in German Linguistics at the University of Fribourg (CH) for Prof. W. Haas