Lei He

(PhD, MSc, MA, BA)

My research interest evolves from mathematical modelling of speech rhythm. In addition to the extensively researched durational characteristics in the speech signal, I am now more interested in how energy distribution in the acoustic signal can tell us about speech rhythm. Moreover, I am also interested in speaker idiosyncratic features, which are potentially useful in forensic applications. Combining these two, I am now working on between-speaker rhythmic characteristics in terms of intensity variability in the speech signal.


Currently, I am a post doctoral researcher and research assistant to Prof. Dr. Volker Dellwo. I participated in the project VoiceTime funded by the Gebert Rüf Stiftung led by Prof. Dr. Volker Dellwo. Moreover, I am also an investigator of the IAFPA supported project of shouted speech with Kostis Dimos and Prof. Dr. Volker Dellwo.


I studied in the Doctoral Program of Linguistics at the University of Zurich, and defended my dissertation on speaker idiosyncratic intensity variability in the speech signal (summa cum laude) in 2016. Before coming to Zurich,  I had an MSc in Developmental Linguistics from the University of Edinburgh (UK), an MA in Linguistics and Applied Linguistics from Renmin University (China), and a BA in the English Language and Literature from Inner Mongolia University (China).