Thayabaran Kathiresan, MSc


I am a Ph.D., student in Prof. Dr. Volker Dellwo's team and a research assistant working in an SNSF project, "Acoustic Characteristics of Voice in Music and Straight Theatre, and Related Aspects of Production and Perception” under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Dieter Maurer

Having a background in machine learning and speech processing, I question the role and properties of indexical cues in speech (who is speaking?) and its related implications especially in infant-directed speech (how we talk to infants?). My other research interests are automatic speaker recognition using temporal-cues, and acoustics properties of high-pitched speeches. 

  2006 - 2010: B.Eng. in Electronics and Communication Engineering, Anna University, India
  2010 - 2013: Software Engineer at TATA Consultancy service, India
  2013 - 2014: M.Sc. in Erasmus Mundus MERIT at UPC Spain
  2014 - 2015: M.Sc. in Erasmus Mundus MERIT at KTH Sweden
  2014 - 2015: Master Thesis student at Fraunhofer IDMT Germany
  SInce  2016: Doctoral Student at UZH, Switzerland