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Call for Papers

Abstracts are invited for the 23rd annual conference of the International Association of Forensic Phonetics and Acoustics (IAFPA) in Zurich/Switzerland in 2014. We welcome abstracts on topics such as:
  • Speaker identification/comparison
  • Speaker profiling
  • Disputed utterances
  • Voice line-ups
  • Speech and audio enhancement
  • Authentication of recordings
  • Forensic acoustics
  • Automatic speaker identification/verification
  • Retrieval of speaker population data
  • Interesting case reports
  • Transcriptions
  • LADO (Language analysis for the determination of origin)
This is not a complete list and other topics would be welcome if they promote the aims of IAFPA (c.f. www.iafpa.net).

Important dates:
  • Abstract submission deadline: 15. April 2014 (UPDATE: The submission deadline has been extended to 30. April 2014)
  • Notification of acceptance: 15. June 2014
  • Conference date: 1.-3. September 2014 (with warm-up on 31. Aug)
Abstract Format:
  • Download the template with formatting instructions here.
  • Abstracts must not be longer than 1 page (excluding references).
  • Abstracts must be in English.
Abstract submission:

  • Save your file in word or Rich Text Format (doc, docx or rtf).
  • Use the surname of the first (or sole) author in upper case characters followed by his/her first name in lower case letters as a file name; no spaces; no special characters, e.g. 'EINSTEINalbert.doc'.
  • If the same author (first author) submits more than one manuscript use a number after the name, e.g. 'EINSTEINalbert1.doc', 'EINSTEINalbert2.doc'.
  • Send your abstract(s) to iafpa2014@gmail.com by 15 April 2014.
  • Use only the words 'IAFPA abstract submission' as a subject.
  • Contrary to some previous conferences, abstracts do not need to be anonymous.
  • Please indicate on your abstract whether you prefer to do a poster presentation or a talk (see template).
Best Student Paper award:

There will be a best student paper award. Please indicate on your abstract whether your paper is eligible for the student paper award (see template). The criteria for participation are:
  • The first author is a student, i.e. registered as a (master/PhD) student.
  • The first author presents his/her presentation or poster in person at the conference.
  • The work presented has been done by the student.
  • Note: being a student member of IAFPA is not a requirement.
The winner of this Prize wins free registration for next year's IAFPA conference.