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Local venue & hotel suggestions

The following map contains information about the local venue of IAFPA 2014 (conference venues, hotel suggestions and transport information).

For information about the venue please consult our IAFPA 2014 booklet downloadable here.

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(If you have any suggestions about which information you would like to see in the map, please send us a mail, iafpa2014@gmail.com, and we will add it.)

Getting around town:

Zurich has an excellent public transport system with reliable services to practically any corner of the city. So if you decided to stay in another part of town you can typically reach the University area within 10 to 20 minutes. The closest stop to the conference venue is 'Kantonsschule' but 'ETH/Universitätsspital' or 'Platte' are only about 5 min walk either.
You can plan journeys here.

Public transport tickets:

You can buy your tickets from the automatic machines at every tram stop using credit cards or coins. A single Zurich ticket (Zone 110) costs 4.20 CHF. If you travel five stops or less you can buy a 'Kurzstrecke' (short distance) ticket which is only 2.80 CHF. Tickets are valid for one hour and you can travel by bus and tram anywhere around the city during that period. You can also purchase a 24hrs ticket for 8.40 CHF. Note that the tram ticket machines accept credit cards and coins but not bills. Being caught without a valid ticket costs you 90 CHF.
Find more information about tickets here.

Getting to the University (conference venue):
  • From the airport (Zurich Flughafen)
If you want to go directly to the University area you can take tramline 10 to Zurich HB (Hauptbahnhof) and disembark at “ETH/Universität Spital”.  Alternatively you can take a train to Zurich. There are trains to Zurich train station (Zurich HB) as well as two local S-Bahn train lines (S2, S16) every few minutes. Standard one-way tickets from the airport to Zurich cost 6,60 CHF and you can buy them from the ticket desks or the automatic machine either with a credit card or cash.
  • From the main train station (Zurich HB)
For trains to Zurich please use the SBB website here. From the main station (Zurich HB) it is only about a 15 minutes walk to the conference venue, however, you need to climb a little hill. Here are your public transport options:
  • Take the Polybahn from Central to Polyterrasse (see map).
  • Take tramline 10 (direction: Flughafen) and disembark at 'ETH-Universität Spital'.
  • Take tramline 6 (direction: Zoo) and disembark at 'Platte'.
  • If you want to arrive as close as possible to the venue: Take tramline 4 (direction: “Bahnhof Tiefenbrunen) and exit at Bellevue, then take number 9 (direction: Hirzenbach ) or number 5 (direction: Kirche Flunten) and exit at Kantonsschule.
Here you can find the city plan with information about tram and bus lines:
  • Taxi
Taxis are relatively expensive. A ride from the airport to the center costs around 50 CHF. A taxi from the  main station to the conference venue costs around 20 CHF.
  • Car
Either arriving to Zurich by car or using it around the city can be complicated and expensive. Please find more information about getting to Zurich and driving around, as well as parking fees here.